Retail Locker Solutions

No matter how you say it, BOPIS or Click and Collect, it is here to stay!


More online orders than ever?  Yep.
Increasing last mile fulfillment costs?  Check.
Customer expectations on the rise?  For sure!

How can a retailer leverage the store to provide an enhanced customer experience? Package Concierge® locker systems for BOPIS / Click and Collect fulfillment address this retail business imperative! Automated lockers are a ROI enhancing, convenient solution for both you the retailer and your customers.

Consumers demand a frictionless transaction - they want to receive goods when, where, and how they want, making fulfillment options critical! Read our recent interview in the Digital Journal to learn more.

Scan. Retrieve. Go!

It really is that easy! It takes mere seconds for a customer to pick-up a BOPIS/Click and Collect order that only took seconds for the store associate to deposit into the locker for their retrieval. (Customer returns or BORIS are just as fast and easy, too!)

Automated lockers. . .

  • Streamline BOPIS fulfillment;
  • Leverage the store location and minimize order touches;
  • Create happy customers because they have avoided shipping charges; 
  • The customer experience is quick and convenient; and,
  • A happy customer buys more, up to 79% of customers make an additional purchase while in the store retrieving their BOPIS order!

Purpose-Built Software

The Package Concierge® proprietary cloud-based software is specifically designed to meet the needs of the retail market. Specialized software, combined with made in the U.S. Florence-built locker hardware, provides a seamless managed solution for omnichannel retailers.

  • Flexibility to adapt to the way you want to do business - including customization to mirror your branding and voice
  • REST + JSON API that supports integration with your existing retail systems
  • Visual, interactive API documentation portal for integration support 
  • Web portal dashboard visually displays both real-time and historical locker data down to the store level
  • Locker kiosk software provides a refined user experience that ensures a frictionless transaction for both the store associate and customer
  • U.S. based email and phone technical support

Future-proof! Package Concierge® systems can flex with your business needs - our locker modules are plug-and play! Modify your system configuration as needed.

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Retailers Utilize Pilot Test Program

A Fortune 500, publicly-traded retailer, is one of our many partners who has recognized the imperative of improving the BOPIS experience by utilizing lockers. The customer has spoken:

  • NPS score of 87
  • 94% of locker users report that the automated locker was faster than existing BOPIS redemption methods

It's time to consider automated lockers as part of your BOPIS solution. 

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