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Retail Lockers for Touchless BOPIS Order Fulfillment

No matter how you say it, BOPIS, BOPUS, Curbside Pickup, or Click and Collect, it's here to stay!


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Streamlining your BOPIS/Curbside order fulfillment process, while providing a contactless experience with automated Package Concierge® retail locker systems, is the ideal way to address the post-Covid 19 "new normal." Our Made in the USA retail locker solution improves both employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

  1. Self-Serve Retail Lockers Refine BOPIS Order Retrieval

Navigating BOPIS With Ease

By some estimates, Covid-19 has accelerated ecommerce adoption rates by 3-5 years, which means there will be unprecedented numbers of BOPIS/Curbside orders. With automated lockers, retail employees can spend their time on customer-centric activities instead of managing orders. Efficient, contactless fulfillment is a new business imperative for 2020 and beyond.

BOPIS/Curbside lockers leverage the biggest asset for a retailer, the physical location, and provides consumers fast and frictionless order fulfillment. Top retailers are already streamlining the process by incorporating automated retail lockers because this self-serve fulfillment option significantly reduces customer wait times and frees up employees to improve the customer experience.

Download the “Navigating BOPIS with Ease” guide which will lay the course for you to quickly maneuver and begin your journey to meeting this revolution head-on!

Young Shoppers Prefer BOPIS!

A study commissioned by Package Concierge® shows that most Gen Z shoppers will select a retailer based on BOPIS availability. Download the key findings of our Gen Z Retail Research Report to gain valuable insights.

With Covid-19 not having to enter the store was great.

— Customer Satisfaction Survey Response
3/23/20 4:11 pm

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Scan. Retrieve. Go!

A locker-based touchless transaction is fast and easy! It takes mere seconds for a customer to pick-up a BOPIS/Curbside order that only took seconds for the store associate to deposit into the automated retail locker for their retrieval. (Customer returns or BORIS are just as fast and easy, too!)

Automated lockers. . .

  • Provide a contactless pick-up;
  • Streamline BOPIS fulfillment;
  • Leverage the store location and minimize order touches;
  • Deliver a quick and convenient customer experience; 
  • Create happy customers, and;
  • A happy customer is more brand loyal and has a higher lifetime value!

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Purpose-Built Software

The Package Concierge® proprietary cloud-based software is specifically designed to meet the needs of the retail market. Specialized software, combined with Made in the U.S.A. Florence-built locker hardware, provides a seamless managed solution for omnichannel retailers.

  • Flexibility to adapt to the way you want to do business - including customization to mirror your branding and voice
  • REST + JSON API that supports integration with your existing retail systems
  • Visual, interactive API documentation portal for integration support 
  • Web portal dashboard visually displays both real-time and historical locker data down to the store level
  • Locker kiosk software provides a refined user experience that ensures a frictionless transaction for both the store associate and customer
  • U.S. based email and phone technical support


Package Concierge® systems can flex with your business needs - our locker modules are plug-and-play! Modify your system configuration as needed now or in the future.

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We love the system and I wish more retailers had it. It couldn't be any more easy or convenient!

— Customer Satisfaction Survey Response
3/16/20 6:33 pm

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Retailers Utilize Pilot Test Program

A Fortune 500, publicly-traded retailer, is one of our many partners who has recognized the imperative of improving the BOPIS experience by utilizing automated lockers. The customer has spoken:

  • NPS score of 87
  • 94% of locker users report that the automated locker was faster than existing BOPIS redemption methods

It's time to consider automated lockers as part of your BOPIS solution. 

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