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Supporting property management by providing automated package management solutions with flexible features that enhance convenience and efficiency is a key focus of Package Concierge®. Our teams continually assess our automated locker systems and administrative/user processes to ensure our products and services make a positive difference in property management operations each and every day. To help you keep up on these advancements, we are pleased to share some of our more popular system features designed to help your operation run smoothly:

Contactless Package Retrieval

We understand that minimizing contact with common use surfaces is important. During package retrieval from either the Package Concierge® locker systems or package room solutions, residents can open the locker door or package room with their smart phone at the kiosk by simply scanning their unique barcode found in their email, text, or mobile app.

However, if your system is currently setup to require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in addition to the resident’s unique Username at the kiosk, the PIN requirement will need to be turned off to allow one-step user authentication to occur via barcode scan.

Our Client Services team will be happy to assist you in configuring your Package Concierge® system to eliminate the PIN entry requirement in order to provide contactless retrieval for your residents whenever you are ready.

Speedy, Simple Delivery Carrier Process

As a carrier agnostic solution, smart apartment package lockers are used by a multitude of delivery personnel. Setting up your system in a way that ensures parcel carriers love using the Package Concierge® to deliver packages will ultimately reduce your involvement in the process while also providing a great experience for your residents.

We are pleased to offer you two different delivery process options.  Our Client Services team has spent a lot of time listening and learning about property operations to better assist you with this very important delivery feature selection.  To customize your Package Concierge® system in a way that best facilitates the package management needs of your community, simply contact your dedicated service representative to walk through your options.  

Focused on Residents, Not Transactions

Residents become Registered Users in the Package Concierge® system, so unlike other systems on the market, they are identified with a unique Username.  Because registered resident users are identified as a “member of the community”  – they can simply enter their Username at the kiosk or scan their Username barcode from their email, text, or mobile app to authenticate to the system to retrieve one or multiple packages with just one login.  No package transaction codes to keep track of and enter one at a time … just easy access to all your packages delivered for you 24/7 with a single scan!

Maintaining Registered Resident Users

Tired of manually making sure resident changes are included in your package management process? Then make sure to connect your Package Concierge® automated locker solution or access-controlled package room system to your existing ecosystem. Once fully integrated with your software, our API will update the resident data every day. We have integrations with all the top applications you are already using: Yardi, Entrata, OneSite/RealPage, MEWS, ResMan and BuildingLink. Setup your integrated resident updates with Package Concierge® and let the system do the rest of the work! 

If you are just starting service with Package Concierge® our Onboarding team will assist you in setting up your integrated resident data service. If you are already a customer and have changed your property management system, please check with your Client Service Manager to see if it is a PMS that integrates with Package Concierge®.

Refresh Property Administrator Access

Keeping user databases “fresh” is a challenge for all businesses, and administrative user access to the Package Concierge® Management Portal is no exception. To help ensure Property Administrator users remain current for operational and security reasons when roles and responsibilities change within your community, an automated email is sent to any Property Administrator that has not used the management web portal for 90 days.  Administration access may be retained simply by logging into the Package Concierge® Management Portal, making information management easy and convenient.

New Property Admin Set-up

Property Administrators may also setup other users within their organization with administrative rights as roles change within the management structure. Property Admin users can add, edit, and delete admin accounts associated with their own property.

Preparing to change management of the property altogether? Don’t forget to set up the new property admin before the transition to ensure the new management team can access the portal to provide resident assistance. Package Concierge® Client Services team members are here to assist you with Admin setup and other administrative changes as needed.

Dependents – Yes & No

The “Dependent” feature is offered in the operating system so that the primary resident (Registered User) can add dependents using the Package Concierge® resident web portal. This feature is designed to allow dependents (children under 18) to receive packages in the Package Concierge® system under their own name.  However, Dependent users are still tied to the primary Registered User’s account. This flexible feature is provided as an option so the property manager can deactivate the feature if there is a situation where management does not want to allow the Dependent feature within their apartment community.

Choosing Features with Ease-of-Use in Mind

Package Concierge® software is designed with flexibility in mind so that the system can be customized to suit the type of package management operation the owner/manager wants to establish for its users.   

Flexibility in design also means there are important considerations when making operational choices. This can sometimes seem a little daunting because there are a number of selections to make based on operational questions during the system setup process.  

Our Onboarding team tries to make the selection process very easy for clients by walking them through each of the decision points step-by-step. 

Want to Learn More?

As you can see, there are many flexible, user-focused features designed into the Package Concierge® software which can be customized to accommodate the desires and needs of the individual community. For property managers and owners who are striving to provide an excellent residential living experience for their residents, contact us to learn about the full range of options you have available to make an automated package management system work for you. 

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