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With thoughtful planning and an experienced partner in automated package management solutions, winning property management teams can design smart locker systems and self-serve access-controlled package rooms that fit their available space and needs. Here are some tips on getting the most out of automating your package management solution:

Efficiently maximizing space is the name of the game. 

There are smart package management solutions for all typessizes, and configurations of properties. Whether your building has thirty floors with a dedicated area specifically for receiving and holding packages, or thirty units with a seldom used hallway, closet, or under-utilized corner in a storage room, modular and easy-to-configure smart package lockers can be configured to meet your needs. When indoor space is at a premium, weather-resistant, secure automated lockers can also be installed in outdoor environments.

Be sure to consider how existing traffic flow (including elevator usage) inside and outside the building may be affected for your automated package management solution. For multi-building properties, position smart lockers in various locations for the convenience of residents—and to require less space in any one single location.

Identify and measure potential areas of unused or inefficiently used space. Don’t be too quick rule out any potential square footage. The Package Concierge® Locker Configurator (with drag and drop features) helps design the perfect smart package locker configuration for the existing space you have. You will even get blueprint-style shop drawings for your design along with 3D models for use by your architect.

Grow with the Times

The world is in a period of accelerated technology change. From telemedicine to Zoom calls for business meetings and family birthdays, technology continues to become an even bigger part of our everyday lives. McKinsey calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution with “game-changing digital technologiesto evolve from cool new things to productivity drives.”

With everyone from Boomers to Gen Zers using technology to conduct their daily business, they expect things in other parts of their lives to be automated, too; and that includes their package management solution. It’s time to get away from the pencil and paper package logbooks and evolve your amenities to a self-serve automated solution. What could be easier for a resident than scanning a barcode from their smart phone, so the apartment package locker door pops open for them to retrieve their package?!

Know the Turf

No two properties have exactly the same package management requirements, so automated smart locker systems and access-controlled package room solutions can’t be one-size-fits-all either.

As you begin planning, analyze the types of packages your residents currently receive. People are ordering everything from televisions to kayaks to toilet paper. In Colorado, it might be skis. In Florida, beach chairs and umbrellas. In Minnesota, sleeping bag suits. While in smaller towns, rugs and sofas, and in cities, it could be bicycles. Understanding your average package size mix allows you to choose a comprehensive automated package solution that can handle packages of all shapes and sizes.

Use data to configure the optimal automated package management solution. Work with your staff and the companies who make deliveries to your property to assess the number and types of packages delivered, as well as the hours and frequency of pickup and delivery. Your staff and carriers know exactly where the obstacles in the current process may be.

What’s the Buzz?

Effective package management is a team sport. Be the best “last mile” partner ever. Talk to the delivery carriers who come to your building, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, as well as local deliverers. Listen as they tell you what they like and don’t like about the various package management solutions along their routes. Do they have advice for you and your specific property?

Talk to your staff. Where are their pain points? What have they learned about package management in your facility? Are there enough trolleys and carts to move packages to resident floors? Is the dock schedule working for delivery vans? How about temporary parking for small delivery trucks? What do residents want that they don’t have? Don’t be afraid to ask, but most importantly, act on the information you receive back.

A Walk in the Park

A well-planned automated package management system catches on fast and are popular with residents, from GenZ to Baby Boomers. Frequent and simple communication is key to ongoing success. Start posting informational signage that describes the responsibilities of each group—residents, staff, and delivery personnel—and how each can contribute to the success of a process that affects everyone. Spell out clearly a process for problem identification and resolution. Share success stories and tips. Ask for suggestions.

And don’t forget about new residents. Just because your automated package solution has been in place and you are familiar with it, doesn’t mean your new residents know exactly what to do. Be sure to include a flier with their move-in packet that tells them the processes you want them to follow, how they get registered, and where to go for FAQs.

Think bigger

Our last piece of advice might sound like a blatant sales pitch, but we promise, we’re thinking about you when we say that you should think about going bigger. Our systems are offered in a variety of sizes, but the size you need today may not be the size that works for you tomorrow. The popularity and convenience of online shopping means it is here to stay. Are you ready for the YOY increase? Apartment managers are always telling us that their Package Concierge® system is a big selling point when re-signing resident leases. As the ease and security of these systems become part of their regular routine, they’re likely to increase the number of packages they receive. These are just a few reasons that we think you should consider not limiting yourself to the size you need now but adding a Package Concierge® system that’s ready for your future volume, too.

The sleek, automated convenience of a Package Concierge® system isn’t a novelty or luxury; it’s the future of the landscape. We know that you’re eager to enjoy the cost and time savings that come with one of our automated package management systems, and we’re eager to partner with you to create a solution that fits your specific needs. Reach out to our dedicated team and start the process today.

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