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If you’re a residential property manager, you’re likely experiencing the vast difference in how resident expectations are evolving, especially when it comes to receiving packages. According to renters who completed our December 2020 Multifamily Resident Survey, automated parcel locker systems were among the most important amenities for potential renters when seeking a new apartment.

And with 2020 reporting an unsurprising 44% increase in e-commerce, the need for smart package solutions to reduce theft, lower operational expenses and streamline is higher than ever. So, how do smart parcel lockers work? Are the benefits of electronic package lockers worth the investment? We’ve created a buyer’s guide for secure electronic parcel lockers to answer all your burning questions and help you make an informed decision on the right solution for you, your property, current and future residents.

What Are Smart Package Lockers?

Smart package lockers — also known as automated locker systems or electronic delivery lockers — are the modern solution to managing package, mail, and asset delivery demands. These systems help increase distribution efficiencies and reduce operational costs while also providing secure and contactless pickup options for residents at their convenience.

How it works: A resident places an online order, the package is delivered into the smart apartment locker system by the package carrier and the resident gets a notification on their smartphone that their delivery is ready and waiting. They can then retrieve the package from the smart package locker using a barcode scanner.

A Package Concierge® smart electronic parcel locker system in an apartment complex in white with a cabinet island in front of it

Benefits of Smart Parcel Lockers

There are numerous benefits to smart parcel lockers, from integration capabilities to increased property value.

Smart parcel lockers utilize user-friendly proprietary software that sends a notification to the recipient when their package is ready to be picked up, offering automated convenience with no need to assign a property management employee to call or worry about theft. Recipients can pick up packages 24/7 and enjoy an easy experience.

210 million packages were stolen in 2021 alone, making secure package retrieval a huge benefit and selling point for your residential property. With smart parcel lockers, all package recipients need to do is scan their barcode at the kiosk, and they can be on their way with the right package at whatever time is most convenient for them.

The smart locker system’s technology offers easy API integration for just about any property management software system. This means the smart locker technology can integrate with your existing ecosystem. After investing in package lockers, many multifamily properties see an increase in resident satisfaction, lower employee involvement in package management, and fewer stolen or misplaced items.

A mail & parcel room with an electronic parcel locker system in black and gray from Package Concierge®

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Smart Electronic Parcel Locker

Before choosing which smart parcel locker system is the right fit for your property, there are a few things to take into consideration to ensure that you find the right solution.

First, you’ll want to determine whether the locker system will be placed indoors or outdoors. Consider how much space you have available outside or inside your property location and identify which scenario is the most feasible and convenient for the resident. Then measure the dimensions of your space, taking into consideration walkways, doors and other items that will need to be placed in the area.

Make sure the location you choose has electrical installation and internet connectivity available as a smart parcel locker system needs both. This ensures that your smart locker operation runs smoothly, stays connected to your software system, and sends notifications to package recipients.

What to Look For When Choosing a Smart Parcel Locker For Your Location

To effectively utilize the space you have available and prioritize the needs of your package recipients, try and figure out the estimated number of users and number of lockers you’re going to need.

Smart locker manufacturers have a range of sizes available, and some offer configurability options to suit your unique needs. The option to customize the size or configure your own lockers (including options to reconfigure later, should your needs happen to change) is something to think about as well.

Look for lockers that provide maintenance access from a master compartment with readily available hardware support to ensure that any issues will be taken care of properly and promptly. Depending on the level of involvement available from your employees, try and prioritize 24/7 U.S.-based customer service from your smart locker provider as well.

If you plan to place your lockers outdoors, look for lockers that are weather-resistant and more secure. For extra attention to design, be sure to also inquire about customized and branded wraps to match your onsite aesthetics.

smart apartment package lockers in room

How Package Concierge® Can Help

With residents increasingly expecting convenient, self-serving, flexible, safe, contactless, and secure package pickup, Package Concierge® has a solution that meets all those desired needs.

With Package Concierge®’s offering, your residents can get 24/7 onsite access, online package delivery notifications, and easy-to-use barcode scanning to ensure their packages are secure until they need them, no matter what.

With our ROI calculator, you can figure out exactly how much in operational expenses you can save by automating your package retrieval for your property. Assuming a package requires five minutes of handling time by your property staff working an average of 260 days a year, we’ve consulted with property management clients and jointly identified potential savings of $24,667.50 – $41,112.50 per year. That’s a lot of money you could be spending on renovations, upgrades, and remodels to improve your resident experience even further.

Founded by multifamily industry leaders, we are dedicated to helping you overcome package management challenges, reducing your operational expenses, and helping you create stand-out experiences. Our technology-based solutions easily integrate into your space and processes, provide you with 24/7 U.S.-based customer support, and help you simplify your business

Interested in learning more about Package Concierge®’s smart package management solutions? Check out our website — you can configure your system to match your unique needs and request a quote today.

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