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Electronic Parcel Lockers for Universities

Is your Student Housing staff "swimming" in Packages?

Student residents create mountains of package deliveries every day.  Help your staff stay focused on student life and out of the business of managing packages.

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Whether your Campus Mail Services organization delivers packages to your student community – or if carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS deliver their own packages – our electronic parcel lockers will work for you.   

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Custom Package Management Solution

Package Concierge® has systems installed across the country, carriers are delivering thousands of packages directly into the electronic parcel lockers every day.  The Package Concierge® system is designed to be “carrier agnostic” so you decide who will have access to deliver packages into the locker system. 

Designed using flexible “community-based” software logic, the Package Concierge® system can be configured in a way to meet the operational needs of your student housing community.  Our electronic parcel lockers are also customizable to adapt to the many variables encountered in different types of mailroom operations and student community environments.   

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Convienent 24/7 Access

Self-service Package Concierge® electronic parcel lockers allow students to retrieve their packages when it is convenient for them - whether that is between classes or late at night; their packages remain secure until they are able to pick them up.

As the largest group of online shoppers, student housing centers and campus' across the nation can more effectively and efficiently handle package management with the addition of smart locker solutions. 


The Package Concierge® electronic parcel lockers ensure all the student care packages, textbooks, and dorm room decor are stored securely and are available for retrieval 24/7.

Students get a lot of packages. Not every package contains expensive items, but every package is valuable to the recipient. Package Concierge allows us to deliver on our goal to provide convenient, reliable delivery of residents’ packages, with no manual oversight. It benefits everyone.

— Jessica M.
Property Manager
New Haven, CT

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Case Study: Chelsea Place

This newly constructed apartment building has high student occupancy and no full time management staff. From the get-go, they knew package management would be a challenge.

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