Think Inside the Box

Our automated package delivery solutions simplify your customer's package delivery and pickup process into four easy steps:

Step 1. Customer places online order

Step 2. Package is delivered to locker

Step 3. Customer gets a notification

Step 4. Customer retrieves package

Package Concierge Element Outdoor


Weather-resistant, outdoor automated lockers with LED lights are site-configurable.

Package Concierge Premier


Secure, indoor automated lockers with robust options and dry cleaning lockers.

Package Concierge Package Room

Package Room

Compact, user-friendly kiosk manage 100% of your package deliveries.

Package Concierge Express


Modular locker solution easily grows to fit your package management needs.

Self-Service Automated Lockers

With cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge® is the highest-quality automated locker solution in the industry and the only solution that meets all fire and safety standards.

The Package Concierge® proprietary locker software is designed to easily integrate with your platform, is user friendly, and provides robust reporting capabilities. Combined with high-quality, Made in America electronic locker systems, this automated solution can easily scale with your business growth.

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